Thanksgiving alone?

We decided several weeks ago that this year we would literally have Thanksgiving alone — just us — Bill and I. AND, we would stay home, do what we wanted to do and also cook a small turkey and a few sides.

Our daughter was in NJ with her family and her husband’s large and warm family. Our son worked. My niece was at my sister’s and having a ball seeing old friends and doing lots of visiting in the place she was raised. Our sisters were with their families and friends and even a number of close friends were committed (not literally, although a few considered it after the day) to other events.

Basket of Fruits and Vegetables

We started the day with an easy breakfast and talking about all the things we were thankful for — a huge list by the way. But it was very quiet. It was odd. Bill watched football and I read a whole book! A new one called Proof of Heaven about a neuroscientist’s journey to “the other side”. We walked, cooked together and sat outdoors to eat a lovely dinner and drink great wine. We limited the food to turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and one vegetable side. We also bought a gluten and lactose free pie that was yummy.

Bottom line?

  • We felt great the day after
  • We had a calm, intellectually interesting and restful day
  • We spent quality time together
  • We thought a great deal about all that we have to be thankful for

Not sure I ever want to do it again but it was awesome. Made me realize how “the shoulds” simply do not apply anymore. Are you as sick of hearing that as I am? Are we missing something because they aren’t? Have lower standards become no standards? Or are we just realizing that along with so many traditions, we are reinventing how we want to spend the day “giving thanks”? I think as long as that part stays in the day it is OK. As a woman in my 60s, losing that would be trouble — I would have guilt if there were no thanks in Thanksgiving. This is another example of good guilt that we do not want to lose. Yes, we fabulous women have guilt — but only the good kind.