Doing something about being “forgetful”

In the last two days I have “forgotten” the following:
  • To let a friend know I got her note
  • To follow up on an appointment
  • To complete a simple task of opening a new checking account
  • To call for a hair appointment

This is in addition to forgetting:

  • What was her name?
  • To check in with my daughter on her knee
  • Send photos to my granddaughters as promised

So it goes.

But, Patty fights back!! Started this wonderful, relatively new, brain training — but then forgot to follow up.  Unfortunately no word fits the silliness of that statement but the dreaded REALLY?

Now this hurts — with all my degrees and frequent reading I figured (like most people, I never think I am average at anything!) I might have a small issue — well hold on to your seat Dr. Pat — I was in the lowest 15% of several of the brain areas.  That is compared to other 63 year-olds — when I typed in 80+ I looked fantastic — which helped a little until I made the mistake of looking at average scores for those in their 20s — OUCH!

Anyhow, with additional training this week I started to inch up the scale.  While not in the top 10% YET, I am already gaining strength.

Fabulous women love competition.  But I liked it better when I was more on top of my game.  But then, there was a time when being pushy and aggressive and persistent hurt me a bit — thank God I am not that way now — Lumosity has my true commitment!  See future blogs for an update — maybe the scale is off???