Summer Reflections: Part 2

Here’s what happened . . . Here is what I learned — Part two of two.  (To read part one, click here.)


6. A couple we know in Tucson got married — both are much over 70

  • Never say never. My Mom used to say that all the time – she was right. This shows me maybe some of the many things I have said I would never do (like get married again if Bill and I were not together) need to be tossed to the curb — why limit yourself?
  • Love is always a welcome turn of events
  • Celebrate good things in people’s lives rather than focusing friendships on just when people are down and need an ear

7. Summer plans changed due to a sudden death in the extended family

  • It is only the beginning — get used to it
  • Don’t stop planning because everything is always changing

8. My brother-in-law died 10 years ago August 31

  • He is supporting me somehow even now; and yes, I still miss him
  • Show respect by copying the best qualities of those you loved — he was VERY funny and teased perfectly — which is tough since teasing can spill over to mean — I have to work on my teasing

9. We cancelled the decision to host a party to celebrate our 15th anniversary and went to Italy and France instead

  • Big parties don’t do it for me anymore — that’s it
  • I got to spend time one on one with the people we really care about — much better than a party for both Bill and I AND our friends
  • Our anniversary is a private thing — why share? Has Facebook made us all think people care about our personal celebrations?

10. Social media continued to haunt me by sitting there and being necessary but daunting

  • Look around, are only rocket scientists on the web? That is the point — it is NOT that hard — stop telling yourself it is
  • Choose your own goals for social media carefully and stick to them: Yes to this, no to that, focus on getting new business, focus on sharing with extended family. Start with a goal and then use appropriate social media to achieve it
  • Stop caring about being on top of everything — but don’t be a Luddite and drop out of the whole bit if using social media SELECTIVELY could help with your personal goals

There was more — but enough for now — it is “back to school time” and that is my focus now. That, and trying not to forget all I learned this summer.