It Is Going To Be A Great 2014

While still trying to shake this crazy cold/flu bug that I caught interacting with the million (more or less) people I interacted with over the holidays, I am feeling good about the year ahead:

  • Most, if not all, of my fears are gone. If a bear broke into my house and started chasing me, then yes, fear would return quickly. That aside, I feel ready for anything having coped with the wide range of life experiences. I finally “get” that life is short, unpredictable, and has actual columns with what can be changed and what cannot — and accepting that brings peace. This is big. It is earned wisdom. Finally, a true honest to God wonderful thing about aging has appeared.


    • The recession (downturn of 2006/7/8/9/10/11) that brought fear up-close and personal and caused a zillion concrete bad things to happen, appears to be as gone as it ever will be. The world is far from OK and all better, but we can now turn our attention (or not if you do not wish to) to fixing the remaining issues that were made worse by this ugly financial calamity — (for me that includes the minimum wage reform, more workplace reform, and the government helping with more new infrastructure and less guns). We can trust that the worst of the financial meltdown has passed. We could seriously say “Happy New Year” this holiday – and do so with a clear conscious.


    • I have goals for the year ahead – and I know which standards I am retaining and which may be carefully put down by the side of the road to be picked up by the “it is OK police”. This yearly review and ‘setting new goals’ process is down to a “Patty science” now. That makes me feel good — if you are still a non-planner then reconsider! An unplanned life is not worth living — is it?


    • Keeping myself physically strong and looking as good as is sensibly achieved will continue to matter. The right shoes, makeup, and great clothes matter to me and I am okay that the world at large is not with me and that many see this as shallow. But I need to be with me — it is part of what defines me. “How I do this part of my life is how I do everything in my life”. Thank you Martha Beck, sister life coach, for this great insight!


    • The planned year ahead was conceived with little guilt or overblown expectations. The very best part is that I know that I can and will drop any of my plans instantly, if I need to, and turn my attention to where it needs to be. My priorities have never been clearer.


    • I’m planning to do more general downsizing in my life and it is thrilling to think about. No, I am not really ready for some of the radical things I am considering, but I am certain that the direction toward less is more.


  • I am not sure January was ever this sane, calm and starting with less absolute must-have expectations and strong tangible goals. Maybe I won’t even worry about my weight. Well let’s not go nuts here. Cathy would call me out even if no one else commented on it.

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