Creating Fabulous Over 60

Patty met Cathy when she interviewed for a job at a consulting firm in 1978.  Cathy was one of the only women executives in the company and Patty was thinking of joining the firm and moving from NYC to Pittsburgh for the right opportunity.  That was the beginning of a long friendship with times of more or less intimacy and sharing.

Always independent, into ideas and clothes, shoes and business, giving back but getting our share we developed at first a tentative and later a wonderful friendship based on mutual admiration.

In the last number of years we have realized something fundamentally earth shattering.  WE of all people—those golden working girls of the 80s and 90s are AGING.  The “story” is no longer about us—but about our daughters, nieces and women in their 30s and 40s who are now reaching the top of the pyramid of business and organizational success.

Please do not say at this moment 60 is the new 40.  If this is the new 40 we want to die by the new 60 for sure.

We plowed the land, but we are now closer to the pasture than the top spot—or if we are in the top spot—conquerors of our careers and lives. We simply do not have the interest, or at times energy to keep grasping for what we already have experienced.  We want DIFFERENT things, different joys, and a life that is fun, relevant and good—60 something divas—firm in the knowledge we did some pretty wild stuff and we want to do more—with both grace and boldness as we age.

We have been successful—in many ways—but now it is time to continue our success in new and fresh ways.  Cathy and Patty still work, but less intensely and less neurotically.  But we don’t want to lose our need for looking great, doing great things, and having fun. Maybe we will mentor future ‘fabulous over 60s’? Maybe not—sounds too much like real work.

On one of our now annual spa trips we just got talking.  And from the conversation came the need for Fabulous Over 60—a place online to share and discuss being in our 60s and wanting to create and maintain terrific lives.  We welcome all women who see themselves as fabulous; or who just want to dish with other smart, strong women who have a sense of proportion and humor.

That’s basically how we started—who knows what will come next!

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