Mission, Vision, and Goals


Our mission is to share stories, thoughts and ideas with other “fabulous women” in their 60s, inviting them to comment, connect, laugh, share and grow through interactions with other smart, strong, sassy, sophisticated women.


  • To help “fabulous women“ address both serious and not-so-serious issues by providing content that is relevant, creative, involving and designed specifically for the 60-something woman.
  • To build an online community of over-60 women who want to stay relevant, vital, fun and bold in their own unique ways.
  • To have fun. We want to laugh and rise above some of the seriousness of life and enjoy being models of successful aging for younger women.


  • To build readership by providing the best, most positive and interesting blog posts on the internet for sassy sophisticated women over 60.
  • To build interaction and sharing among our readers through Facebook outreach and blog site invitations to comment and share.


  1. Marlene Roazzi
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 14:16:03

    Ever since I was introduced to the word “Diva” I gave it a negative connotation.
    After reading your blog , I want to join you in becoming a Diva as it suits my approach to life , now , while in my 60’s.and hopefully always.


  2. Dona Lee Calabrese-Szekeres
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 01:49:48

    Patty & Cathy — just read all your blogs and love them! They’re filled with wisdom, funny, quirky, and they make me laugh and not take life over 60 so seriously. So important to be reminded about that! I especially like your lists (i.e. Fabulous Lessons of 2012), your mission statement and your playful way of approaching life. Many thanks and keep up the fabulous work! Dona Lee Calabrese-Szekeres


  3. Cristobal
    Sep 11, 2015 @ 08:29:17

    #5 LOVE! I am a mommy to a one year old and I work a corporate job from my home oficfe so I rarely (ok, never) have the chance to dress up anymore. Oh how I looooong for a glamorous make over and a night on the town done right with my hubby!


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