Cathy and Patty’s Top 10 Fabulous Lessons from 2012

  1. Being fabulous, or just being smart women in our 60s, is a lot more fun than we expected — especially now that we have created Fabulous Over 60. It is also a lot more awkward at odd times when we’re still hoping people think that we’re in our late 40s or 50s
  2. We know that taking care of our health – both mental and physical – is the key to looking good and doing good — the priorities of our age. Knowing this doesn’t always help us to do the work and have the discipline. Sometimes meditation, time with a needed therapist, a long walk or yoga doesn’t beat having a drink and watching something stupid and vapid on a device. (Now that’s new!)
  3. We have been out of our 20s for so long that multiple generations have been born; we shouldn’t be surprised by our age, but we continually are
  4. The election proved that manners matter and most don’t have them — or even understand the point of having them. If there is a movement for a one-term 6-8 year presidency — we’re in
  5. We will never be a size 4 or 6 again even if we cut off a leg — it’s easier to get home from the store and cut out the size tag in our clothes — a wonderful and important habit to form by 50
  6. 60 is no more the new 40 than cheesecake is the new rice cake — acceptance and handling things with grace at this point is critical
  7. Nothing is the new black and nothing ever will be – if we are buried in anything but black we will come back to haunt our tormentors
  8. We intend to hold in our stomachs ‘til the end … why stop something we’ve been doing since we were teenagers
  9. We go out of our way to compliment younger women — we remember that we didn’t believe how great we were at their age either — the fact that they are usually utterly shocked proves our point
  10. We realize that sometimes when a young, attractive-looking woman looks at us she is thinking: “oh my God, I will be her someday!” Yep, we did that too

Oh we could go on — but won’t. We would love to hear your own 10 list for 2012. Or your one biggest learning for 2012.

Caution: We are all fabulous in our own way. Feel good regardless. Maybe there is room for another blog out there for YOUR approach to aging. It’s all good. Happy New Year everyone!   – Cathy and Patty