Chiara de Blasio with a Trend Over-60s Can Love

Love the garland trend—WOW—now that is a terrific and pretty idea for young women!  This photo of Chiara de Blasio, daughter of the new mayor of New York City shows how great it looks on stylish young women.


Actually, as we well know this “new” trend of using garlands in one’s hair is as old as time.  “Flowers in one’s hair” are hardly original.  Although when we did it back in the 60s we likely thought we invented it.  Flowers are just beautiful — and flowers on a young woman bring two sure-to-please visuals together.

garlands trend

Left: Henry Peach Robinson – The Garland of Flowers, 1857/58

Now, speaking of trends, let’s consider tattoos – which most of us try to understand and accept with generosity but seriously do not get.  Most of us have been at recent social events and noticed our/someone else’s granddaughter or daughter covered in tattoos. And these are not bikers or trailer trash — they are as easily doctors or business women or teachers as anything else.  It is simply something young people find attractive and likely sexy that we think is YUCK.  A covered up tattoo we understand — we were a generation who did lots of covering up — from foundation to dysfunction, we know how to pretend things are not what they seem.  But, I digress – another over-60 trend for sure.
Back to tattoos for a moment. Please if you are an over-60 fabulous woman and love the all over tattoo look, contact me and tell me why and how I can be as open to this obvious popular trend as you are.  As for the photo below on the right with the “label” I just could not resist a take on the phrase we grew up with – “does she or doesn’t she” — if you don’t remember this I don’t believe you are over 60 or fabulous.

On the right: does she or doesn’t she? Only her tattoo artist knows for sure.

On the right: does she or doesn’t she? Only her tattoo artist knows for sure.

So here we are faced with an “age old problem”: how to go with the flow while keeping our fashion cores?  How do we admire some trends, and act generously about those we do not.  While not earthshaking or even seriously relevant in these challenging times, I do think about this and want to be at peace over it!

Let me suggest we try, as we need to do with bigger issues in our lives, seek to find the middle ground that eludes us in politics, religion and other hot topics.


Can’t we all agree, that no matter what the age of these folks below, these are just trends EVERYONE can do without?




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