A different kind of spa adventure

Patty and I have gone on a number of spa trips over the years… very nice ones, but also very similar. Massages and facials in dimly-lit rooms smelling of eucalyptus and fragrance oils, listening to new age music with calming names like Ocean of Peace and Tranquility.

So, when I received an email about a new type of women’s adventure, an adventure that could be much different and potentially very exciting, I thought I’d share it with my ‘fabulous’ pal.  It’s called “Botox and Bullets” … a week-long retreat for women that involves skeet shooting and gun instruction during the day and getting Botox shot into your forehead at night.

Here is Patty’s emailed response:

Oh my God — really????  NO WAY am I in on this one!! Of course where is this craziness located?  Outside the USA — in Texas!!! 

I guess she doesn’t even want to talk about it.  


(By the way, sincere apologies to our Texas ladies from this half of the FabulousOver60.com team.)

Actually, if we DID talk about it, I think we would both agree that this is not the right adventure for the two of us, but probably for different reasons:

  • I would like the guns and skeet shooting … but wouldn’t be comfortable with a group of women sitting around the fireplace at night over glasses of wine and shooting Botox into our bodies.
  • She would no doubt hate the skeet shooting, but would enjoy the female camaraderie of the Botox party… even if she didn’t get shot up herself. (She doesn’t need it, of course!)

So, I’m back to searching for a relaxing, comforting spa trip for the two of us … outside of Texas.