A Museum Trip Reminds Us Of What We Might Be Missing

The Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center was on our agenda when Cathy and I met in St. Petersburg, FL for our annual trip.
Though we were “on vacation” other than talking about our FabulousOver60 blog, we of course had an agenda. In case you are not that compulsive (good for you—please offer to write a guest blog on how you manage that!), do realize that many of us who worked as long as we have and juggled as many balls, cannot NOT have an agenda.  It is like having zero food at a party—not done.
We bought our tickets and started surveying the Chihuly exhibit.   We ambled (for us, ambling is not the NY hustle but it is not slow and easy either), started ooh-ing and aah-ing and feeling we were connecting and “seeing” what there was to see.  We would often call to each other to notice one or another thing that grabbed our attention. When we arrived in the last room we almost inadvertently noticed something—every piece in the exhibit room rested on a black mirror that created a completely different image of the art work—essentially a second exhibit within the exhibit.

Dale Chihuly - Blue Dolphins

Dale Chihuly – Blue Dolphins

Not having a meeting to go to we were able to return to the beginning and really see all there was to see—multiple images that we had simply missed in the “speeding” view of the museum.  We realized that one of the advantages we now have is not really more time, but a deeper understanding of what should/should not be missed. The “goal” was not attending the exhibit but actually appreciating it, and enjoying it more completely. **
This new “seeing”, “feeling” and “observing” is something quite wonderful about being in less of a rush to do everything we think we have to.  We have come to have a new appreciation that there is more to many experiences in our lives (and less in those things we have hopefully stopped doing).  That by slowing down and allowing a bit of space, we can see and connect with people and things in ways that just were not possible or practical earlier in our lives.
Many of us are busier than ever.  Especially if in addition to work and taking care of yourself you have aging parents and/or adult children and grandchildren.  But even with a crowded schedule, there is a different approach to seeing and experiencing our lives now.  We are smelling those roses, having lunch with a friend, seeing the art exhibit or watching the sunrise/set with a new mindset of appreciation.  And, if there isn’t this evolution, we really are missing something.
** Note: We all have gotten to a place of going through the motions in some aspects of our lives haven’t we?  When you do it is a message saying—stop doing it!  LISTEN to that advice—it is coming from your best advice giver—YOU.