Fabulous Lifestyle Change Ahead!

September 15, 2015 our New Hope, PA home will be gone and we begin our new traveling lifestyle. No second home, no moving in with anyone else, just a home in Arizona for the cooler months to serve as home base. The remaining months will be traveling and staying in various rental properties enjoying the diversity of locations, as well as the chance to spend time with friends and family spread all over the country – and in some cases, the world.

New Hope, Pa

New Hope, Pa

Why has it been so tough for me – not to part with things – but places, people and “roots”? Have I/we become like millennials who we keep reading “value the experiences” over things? This is why they don’t want our STUFF: the remnants of amassing huge numbers of books, some few photos of the past and events, holiday decorations, cookbooks, glasses and platters not to mention dining room sets on a scale previously unknown to humankind. Or are we just arrived at an emotional state where we really get our mortality and figure in this intensely individualistic culture that it is “our turn” or “now or never”?

So here’s my thoughts on those “big questions” raised in paragraph two (remember when everyone knew what a paragraph was? But I digress).

We all have a hard time parting with what we truly value. For me that has always been people and relationships – with everyone – from restaurant owners, to the dry cleaners, the butcher at the grocery store, Intrigue sales professionals who helped me find the perfect clothes, the people who are part of my church, my UPS buddies – not to mention the deeper friendships forged while spending 15 years in New Hope. And those relationships for the most part are ending. I am sad at this loss.


While I do love people more than things, I did want “the finer things in life” growing up and growing older. And, I had them – and feel blessed I did. To me wearing a Hermes scarf or a Chanel handbag has brought me pleasure. But more so I loved my work and still want to do some of it. I love helping people grow and change – and due to technology I can now write coaching content, coach people in life transitions and volunteer to support critical causes from nearly anywhere. The relationships associated with my work and passions remain, thankfully, so that compensates some for the loss of place.

As for being like millennials, I think not. They are the new BIG generation – shaping the culture and society to their values and needs, but my roots and values remain in Boomerhood. My goal is to push forward on my restructured path while not holding tightly to the past or try to keep being the protagonist of the story. I also do not want to bash millennials – hearing about our parents referred to as “the greatest generation” hugely annoyed me. Let’s all stay on our own yoga mats.


As to whether we fabulousover60s are just at the point where we want to do what we want to do — I have to just say no. Just doing what we want all the time has never excited us. In fact, we are doers – not wanting to just sit back. Relaxing has been more of a challenge than anything else we have tried to conquer. We have a continuous battle with ourselves to just BE not DO.

Am I nervous? A little. But being Fabulous always involves some loss and some risk – to be your best self – to keep evolving rather than fighting to keep things the same. Plan to keep you posted as my later 60s evolve – who knows – maybe all that travel, writing and being with people I love will drive me crazy. Right now I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it.



What We Learned In 2013

  1. We still love writing ‘Fabulous’ and are more excited than ever to be sharing our own discoveries of life in our 60s. We think we’ve just begun to get in the groove of this project.
  2. Losing people we love hurts even more than we thought it would. But, rather than just causing sadness, it is helping us to live with purpose.
  3. Millennial’s are the next Boomers. We are OK with that. Their tastes will prevail — except when it comes to the décor of “senior living” homes.
  4. We can say with absolute certainty we no longer look “hot” — but we still seem to “simmer” for a couple of guys — let’s call them Bill and Ray.
  5. Time has sped up. We know that’s true because we have a hard time keeping up with everything – even though there is less to keep up with.
  6. Letting ourselves off the hook is OK, as long as we don’t stop remembering birthdays of dear friends, celebrating the holidays with some style, and embarking on our perennial new year’s diet.
  7. Work is still fun and a hoot. But in small doses. We wish Hillary well — but we are too exhausted to even think about running for neighborhood association chair much less President.
  8. We care more about important things and less about nonsense – but the definitions of what those are keep shifting.
  9. There is always more good in the world than bad. Unfortunately, the bad seems to trend on social media more often than we like. (Miley Cyrus is the number one trend. No comment.)
  10. A new year is wonderful — we can still pretend we are starting all over again despite evidence to the contrary!



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