My Breaking News

Hopefully someone from CNN is reading this blog and realizing how ridiculous it is to make everything and anything “breaking news”. I thought perhaps making my life in any way connected to breaking news might make them change their ways. It is doubtful but I am putting my two cents out here.

The kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria? YES, this continues to be breaking news. And interestingly it took Twitter to make it mainstream. Not that I tweet — but reading them fills you in. Maybe this will convince me to start tweeting — again, doubtful but possible. I never say never anymore — a sure sign of being fabulous I think. ‘Never’ is for kids and “know it all’s” – otherwise known as young adults. It ends when you finally figure out that your whole life does not need to consist of corrections related to your parents’ lives. Think about it and/or read The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.


My related breaking news to the Nigerian girls story – my high school The Ursuline School has jumped into solidarity with the kidnapped girls. This made me proud that I am and always will be “an Ursuline girl”. Good to know that good education matters. We always hoped it did. We actually got an education to build our lives – not just get a job.

More news, although not breaking.

Wrote a blog post a long time ago about memory loss: a bane of our fabulous years. Started doing Lumosity and have continued to fight the good fight working several days a week doing brain games that really are if not fun, amusing and challenging. I can report that my “brain profile” has significantly improved. I started in the 5th (yes, the 5th) percentile (talk about humbling for a woman who aced school) – and am now safely in the 50% range of my age group. Get on it if you aren’t already. I am actually remembering more names now — though I still say at least once a day “you know her… she was in…”

We are downsizing. Like many boomers we are going to get rid of the excess and have one rather than two home bases. It dawned on me that the way to have fun and travel is to actually get out there and have fun and travel. As over-analyzers we boomers often miss the obvious. Do, be and think less.

An extremely dear friend is starting to get big checks for work she did ages ago. Now this is breaking news and may remind you that in all ways, the work, effort, persistence and aggravation we put into our careers and lives over decades really does pay off — if not by getting checks, than by understanding what I am trying to say here. Maybe that really is breaking news sisters in fabulousness!