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14 Reflections on 2014

1.) 2014 went faster than 2013 and it is clear this is an accelerating trend. Skip telling anyone under 60 this “fact” since they will not believe you and just think you are out of it and extremely annoying.


2.) We recognized every person in the People magazine issue on deaths of famous people during 2014 and extremely few of those in the ‘most famous’ or ‘best looking’ editions. Ouch.

3.) We always heard and believed that it was much safer to fly than to drive — we flew for business and fun all the time before and after 9/11. This year’s loss of three planes – one due to a terrorist act, one extremely mysterious and one due to weather makes us wonder if we haven’t been overly confident and should be considering another means of transportation soon.

4.) The mid term elections gave new meaning to the terms ridiculous, insulting, boring, meaningless and just plain silly. Don’t know if the Republicans should be thrilled or depressed — same for the Democrats — in any case millenials do not seem impressed by any party or candidate. We may be the last generation of voters who even care a little bit about left, right and center.

5.) A lot of FabulousOver60 women are excited about Hillary running — but whether we’re excited or not, none of us understand how she cares that much or has the energy and determination to spend it running the country.


6.) 60 is feeling younger every day as we near 65.

7.)We actually have had quite a few days in 2014 when we accomplished nothing particular. We hope to increase the number of those days without becoming certified underachievers, slackers and the curse worse than death: BORING.

8.) It is incredibly sad that we are still dealing with so much racial tension in our country. 2014 brought back the kind of strong feelings – on all sides of the issues – that we had in the 60’s. It was shocking to us. Did we think having a black president signaled an end to those problems? Not so.

9.) There were some real people whose names may not be ones everyone knows who made an incredible difference in people’s lives in 2014. Many were FabulousOver60 women: Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve, 68; Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, 67; Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Mondelez Int’l, 61; Helen Clark, Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme, 64; and Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President and CEO Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 60. For the total list see Forbes List of the 100 most powerful women.

10.) If it were possible to love people more deeply, cherish friendships more completely, forgive and forget more quickly, work with focus and let irritations go more easily — we did all of that in 2014 — and we hope to keep doing more and more of each of these in the future because nothing is more important to us.

11.) People we loved died, people we loved had people they loved die, some were shocking and “out of the blue” while others were “expected” — we wish for everyone more acceptance and peace about aging and dying. There are no other viable options but we continue to look for them.

12.) We have not lost our interest at all in looking good and dressing well, being fit, being strong and most of all mentally healthy and vibrant. Hence we are taking a long holiday vacation and won’t be up and running full strength for at least another week or two.


13.) Yes, we are forgetting things even though we still do Lumosity or Fit Brains and are keeping current with the world — but the truth is more things we used to think were really important enough to remember simply aren’t.

14.) We are so happy that things are better for women and for people with various “differences”. We have increased our charitable giving and involvement in 2014. We are looking forward to a rainbow world of people filled with peace and joy — and a great plastic surgeon or at least a terrific makeup artist with reasonable rates for the years ahead — not in that order.

Happy New Year! Happy 2015! Continue to be fabulous — we plan to be!

Patty and Cathy

Prince George Turns 1 and I Turn 64

OK… I’m shamelessly using this headline about Prince George in order to attract readers to our blog site. Everyone wants to know about Prince George turning 1. No one wants to know about me turning 64. And, of course these two things have nothing to do with one other, right? But, because I’ve gotten you to read this blog, I’ll make a connection a little later…


I was shocked to hear that Prince George is turning 1. It seems like only a couple of months ago that we were bombarded (I mean thrilled) by everything having to do with the royal birth. People Magazine’s cover story this week screams … George Turns 1, Raising a Little Prince! Inside, incredible details about George’s past 12 months are presented in cute little bubbles, with the requisite 20 or so cute little photos.

(Yes, I read People Magazine. Please don’t judge me.)


The article about the “perfectly adorable” Prince George provides details like the fact that he has travelled more than 32,000 miles to Mustique, Australia/New Zealand and Scotland. He has visited the zoo, participated in play dates and made new friends. And … so precious … he just started walking and is pictured accompanying his dad to a Father’s Day polo match.

What an event-filled life!

Are you ready for the connection?

This past year has gone by in a flash. What have I done with my 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and 8,766 hours?

Here are the highlights:

  • I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned 3 times
  • I’ve had my hair cut and highlighted 8 times
  • I’ve played golf about 30 times (recording my score 0 times to avoid embarrassment)
  • I’ve written 24 blogs for this site
  • I’ve wrecked the car once
  • I’ve gained 2 pounds
  • I binge-watched 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black

Actually, it wasn’t quite as uneventful as it sounds. Like George, I have had some play dates with friends (including last month in Florida with my Fabulous Over 60 partner, Patty) and I traveled 924 miles to Maine last fall.

Writing this blog post, in addition to depressing me, is making me reconsider what I’m going to do with my next 12 months. I’d like to have a better story when Prince George’s 2nd birthday rolls around. Suggestions appreciated.

By the way, I already have plans to travel to the Turks and Caicos in September … 1,114 miles. The race is on, baby George!


Cathy Green

July 17, 2014

Some Simple Advice: How Not to Look Old

Although being “fabulous over 60” is about a lot of things – “looking good” is definitely near the top of the list. Most of us, I think, want to spend at least some amount of time on our appearance and would probably rather not look over 60.

So, when Patty joined me at the pool on one of our spa vacations several years ago and was carrying a book called How Not To Look Old, my first inclination was to chuckle. My second was to grab it out of her hands!


It was published in 2008 by Charla Krupp, a former beauty director at Glamour and at People: Style Watch, and a frequent guest on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah and more. The book starts this way…

“All right, I’m just going to come out and say it. Aging sucks…… The question is, what are we going to do about it? We’re going to fight aging – and we’re going to look great doing it!”

She wrote the book for women in their forties, fifties and sixties (you’re old in your forties? Yikes!) to help us “climb out of our beauty and fashion ruts” and develop a “new mindset”. She goes on to say that “Our looks and our self-esteem are inextricably wired … you need to invest time, money and interest in you, because if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good about yourself.”

I agree. But looking good, of course, means different things to different people. So, in Chapter 1 she offers a quiz to help readers assess whether they are a high, medium or low maintenance woman. Here are two sample questions:

  1. You never leave the house without a
    1. Full face of makeup
    2. Some lipstick and mascara
    3. A clean face
  2. When you’re traveling, you wear
    1. Business attire
    2. Pants and a nice sweater
    3. Whatever is comfiest

(It’s pretty obvious what the High, Medium and Low maintenance answers are, right?)

I found out (surprise, surprise) that I am a Medium to High. In the book, Ms. Krupp points out that there are ways for any woman – High, Medium or Low Maintenance – to look better and less “old lady”. So, after each chapter on things like hair, brows, makeup, teeth, nails, wardrobe and jewelry, she provides suggestions for each level.

Some of the things I thought were most interesting at the time (almost 6 years ago) and that still makes sense to me include:

About Hair:

  • Cut some bangs.
  • Change your hairstylist (if you’ve had one forever)
  • Keep it soft and moving
  • Lighten it up the older you get!

About Eyebrows:

  • Get rid of the grey hairs
  • Shape them up

About Makeup and Nails:

  • Don’t wear dark lipstick – light is younger looking
  • Don’t use heavy foundations and powders
  • Keep nails short and natural and light-colored (dark toenails are OK)

About Clothes:

  • Un-match your wardrobe (no “outfits”)
  • Ditch the mommy clothes (baggy pants, elastic waists, holiday sweaters)
  • Get a great-fitting pair of jeans
  • Don’t try to dress “young” (it won’t work!)
  • Wear your shirts mid-knee and not too tight
  • Don’t show too much cleavage
  • Wear sexy heels (even if it hurts!)
  • Wear the right size bra


About Jewelry and Scents:

  • Don’t wear thin necklaces or tiny earrings
  • Don’t over-bling
  • Don’t over fragrance

There is much more advice in the book, as well as product recommendations called Brilliant Buys.  I loved the book in my late 50’s and it influenced a lot of changes I made as I was barreling toward 60.  It also introduced me to some products I hadn’t known about.

I wish I could tell you that there is an updated version of the book. Unfortunately, Carla Krupp died a few years ago of breast cancer at the age of 58.  I hadn’t heard about her death until Patty mentioned it in one of her blogs last year. How sad.

But if you want to consider some changes … the tag line of the book  is “Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter and 10 Times Better. Regardless of whether you are a high, medium or low-maintenance woman, check out her book.

Cathy Green

P.S. She has a companion book … How to Never Look Fat Again. I’ll write another piece about it soon.

Perspective Is Everything: Or, Our Age Affects Our Thinking

Younger woman sees older woman 80-plus — in great shape.

Thought: (Missing that the woman is in great shape) – “Thank God that will never be me…”

Fabulousover60 woman sees older woman 80-plus — in great shape.

Thought: “She looks like she did everything right and still looks pretty bad. And she is only 15 or so years older than I am.”


Younger woman sees older woman 80+ in terrible shape.

Thought: “What woman where? “

Fabulousover60 woman sees older woman 80+ in terrible shape.

Thought: “Where’s the wine?”


Younger woman sees absolutely gorgeous hot guy in movie.

Thought: “That would be a great guy to have sex with” using current language for that feeling/thought.

Fabulousover60 woman sees absolutely gorgeous hot guy in movie.

Thought: “That would be a great guy to have sex with.”


Ryan Gosling – Via

Fabulousover60 woman thinking about Halloween — “loved it as a kid — love it now.”

Other fabulousover60 woman thinking about Halloween — “loved it as a kid — even those cheap tacky homemade costumes — to me it is still for kids — not really an adult holiday.”


Fabulous women do not share a universal perspective, as we know — but then again there is likely no one under 40 who thinks of Halloween as solely a children’s holiday or a woman under 50 who believes she will be 80. OK, so now we deal with it. That is what we are trying to do – but, for the most part, less successfully than we would like. Let’s not even get started on that hot model who is 80 something.

Carmen Dell'Orefice - Norisol Ferrari Spring 2013 fashion show. Via Huffington Post

Carmen Dell’Orefice – Norisol Ferrari Spring 2013 fashion show. Via

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