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Fabulous Over 60 was co-created by Patty Gill Webber and Cathy Green in 2012.



Cathy grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, spent her childhood being Daddy’s little girl, graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the early 70’s and has been in the educational field – in some way, shape or form – ever since.

She taught junior high school English and French for a short time until she realized this was definitely NOT her thing. She then worked for a university, developing alumni education and communication programs. That was followed by 10 years with a corporate training provider where, over the years, she sold, marketed, delivered and designed educational programs for employees and managers.

In 1994, with the love of her life and business partner Ray, she started her own business in the corporate training industry which now employs over 40 full-time employees. The company, which is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, works with major corporations to design and deliver business games and simulations in areas like business acumen, financial literacy, leadership accountability and change management.

With a senior management team in place, Cathy is semi-retired, working occasionally on marketing and product development projects and staying involved in strategic planning and financial oversight. She spends a lot of time at her mountain home in Asheville, NC, traveling occasionally to St. Petersburg for business meetings and get-togethers with friends.

Cathy is a stepmother to two daughters (44 and 43 years old) and a step grandmother to 5 grand kids (ages 13-19). She also cares for her disabled sister, Christine. She plays golf, hikes, goes to lots of music concerts, likes entertaining, enjoys her Labradoodle Lexie, and writes blogs for Fabulous Over 60. She stays so busy, she doesn’t know how she ever worked full-time.

Cathy is now 65 and still a reluctant “over 60”. However, she continues to embrace the importance of remaining “fabulous.”



Patty grew up in a suburb of New York City. More a Mommy’s than Daddy’s girl, she attended a private Catholic girl’s school for both grade school and high school. The Ursuline School with its high educational standards and inclusive world view shaped her life tremendously. Ursuline supported her still firmly-held belief in high personal standards, and a sense of responsibility for not only herself, but for others and the larger world. It also created her love of learning and was largely responsible for her attitude that you should never stop learning, growing and changing. With three advanced degrees and to this day a stack of complex history and human development literature at her bedside, Patty is definitely a continuous learner or reader of boring books depending on your perspective.

Patty credits her close relationship to her mom, her aunts, and other older single women role models to her desire for personal freedom, independence and of course fashion, glamour and style. Patty became a “woman’s woman” early on with a continually growing band of friends and a passion for causes related to women’s lives.

Not surprisingly to any who knew her, Patty didn’t marry ‘til she was 48. It was a fantastic twist of fate and a chance to be with the love of her life, Bill. They live in Tucson, AZ as well as travel frequently.

Patty’s focus at work was and remains twofold: life coaching – trying to help individuals be successful; and also supporting the workplace, helping organizations to operate more productively, fairly and effectively. While semi-retired for a number of years, this year brings a new larger work focus: a project with her partners that is taking on new urgency due to a fresh partnership with a technology company and plans for a re-launch of online coaching tools. She has written extensively on the workplace and continues to do so developing more online coaching content and sharing her views about work and life through her blog Way Of The Coach.

She has two “daughters” who share many of her passions. Her sister’s daughter, 35 year old niece Kelly a doctoral student, super-mom and art educator; and 41 year old stepdaughter Courtney, a Wall Street executive, super-mom and serious fashion lover.

She naturally (or miraculously) has 5 other special girls in her life: she and Bill’s God-daughter Emma (13) who live in California; her grandnieces from Wheaton IL – Kelly’s girls Maggie (9) and Nola (6); and her NY granddaughters Reagan (10) and Morgan (7).

Patty’s other real passion is friendship. It is her joy and challenge to be close with a core circle which Cathy and Ray are very much a part of, and a large network of wonderful, diverse, smart and savvy women and men. Friendship of a deep personal kind has been her anchor and the foundation of her life. She spends time with her friends as often as possible with drinking great wine and huge amounts of laughter on the top of the list of shared activities.

Energized by writing FabulousOver60 with Cathy since 2012, Patty’s January 20th 66th birthday begins a new year of accomplishment, fun, travel, excitement and passion for all that is to come – just please God, not too quickly!




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